Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting back to the swing of things + Casey Wright Photography

With all of the change that has been going on in my life (student teaching, no longer working at KU and being away from PJ all day), it was nice to get the camera out and to hang out in my studio taking pictures.

I truly love it and look forward to every opportunity that I can get to do it. Because so much is changing around me, it feels good to do something that I know and that I enjoy. I also love working with and meeting new families and this time was no exception...

I photographed a sweet little one year old and her beautiful and kind family. I can't wait to share those pictures!

I love to try something new each time I get my camera out and this time, I experimented with my 55mm in combination with my studio lights. My goal was to find the perfect balance of aperature + shutter speed + studio light using this specific lens. 

I am happy to say I found the balance...
These days, life is all about balance and the quest to keep all of the balls in play... Hopefully, I don't have to sacrifice too much sleep to do it! Have a good night all!

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