Friday, July 6, 2012

Project Life...Week 9

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm deviating a bit from my regularly scheduled Friday Photog to share week 9 of Project Life. I am quickly moving through the weeks, so I decided to go ahead and share a week at a time, so that I don't overwhelm myself or my readers with a bazillion different pictures :).

Regarding Project Life: I'm really excited about the new lines being available at Amazon, too! As much as I love my current design, I may splurge for my birthday and buy a more girly line to use to wrap up the rest of the year... Becky Higgins released an update earlier this week and you can find it here....

It's kind of fun to be sharing the first week of March in the middle of the summer because it's so darned hot here and seeing us wear stocking hats and sweaters makes me realize that this heat can't last forever, right?!?!

At this point, Peyton was really into wearing her KU cheerleading outfit and since it was so cold she was painting a lot, thus the smock in half the pictures :). 
It's so weird that we had a little bit of snow... oh what I wouldn't do these days for some temperatures below 100 degrees in the afternoon...
Speaking of hot temperatures, just a quick story about the heat right now...

Yesterday, we were all headed to our local pool and when we arrived, the pool was closed. They stated that it was due to a 'sickness in the water,' whatever that means. So the city was going to have to come and check to see if chemicals would be added. Peyton was pretty sad, so we decided to drive twenty more minutes to a different town to go their pool. Right as we got out of the car to pay and enter, we noticed that the lifeguards were shouting for everyone to get out of the pool. Apparently, there was a kid who was having a heat induced seizure in the pool, so they closed it down too... Unbelievable, right?

I guess the moral of the story is that... it's crazy hot right now and everyone should be mindful of that and take care of themselves!

As for us, we are planning to spend some ample time in the air conditioning!

Take care, everyone and have a great day!

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