Monday, August 24, 2009

Almost 1 - Talking, Crawling, Pulling Up and Teething

The last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind! Peyton jo is doing and learning so much. One day she just decided that she wanted to start moving around, so there she was crawling around on the floor - it's just so amazing how quickly she learns stuff! In that same day, I put her in her pack and play so I could fold some clothes and I hear her giggling so I look over at her and she's pulled herself up so she could stand. She was just standing there smiling at me as though she were saying "look at me mommy! I did it!" She's also saying a ton of words - she calls me "Meme" and she blows kisses which is the cutest thing ever! Also she's getting her 7th tooth - which is her left tooth on the bottom. One of the other really cute things she does is that we have gotten to the point where we read about 6 - 8 books each night and when you get to the end of the page, she flips it for you automatically - I'm not just saying this because I'm her "meme" but I think she is super smart!!! Oh and I almost forgot - besides her "baba" we are off the baby food at the Wright household - I don't think she likes the texture of the baby food and she's definitley independent so she's really intent on feeding herself these days! Such a big girl - or as she would say it "good girl!"

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