Monday, July 20, 2009

First Fever, then Dancing, Clapping, and Sitting Up!!! Oh Baby!

We've had quite a weekend! PJ came down with a fever last friday - poor thing! We took her to the doctor on Saturday, but no luck finding out what it was - it must have been a virus. Anyways, she broke her fever Saturday Night and woke up with a bag full of tricks! She started her day off by sitting up from the laying down position (that's a first!), then we turned on the Disney Channell and she started dancing (that's a first)- it was hilarious to see her dance, then she celebrated by clapping her hands (that's a first)! It's funny it's almost like she was saving up to show us all of her new stuff until after she felt better. Last night was really funny too! I think she had a ton of energy saved up because she was hilarious - she was singing and dancing and talking and laughing - I was convinced that someone put sugar in her ba-ba, but of course once 10:00 rolled around, she crashed and fell asleep. What a whirlwind of a weekend! I do have a funny story to add: last Thursday when I picked PJ up from daycare, Becky told me that before I came to get her she was getting pretty fussy... Earlier that day when I dropped PJ off, I was telling Becky how well she was saying "baby" with the long "a" and everything... She said "ya right Casey" - I really think she thought I was dreaming it up! Anyways, when I went to pick her up that day, Becky told me that she was fussing and started saying "baby, baby" so Becky asked her if she wanted her baby and got it out of her bag, and Peyton was soooo happy. Becky couldn't believe, first of all that she said it so well, but also that she could tell her what she needed and used the word correctly. Peyton's a good 6-8 months younger then older kids and she's saying and using words better than those kids (and yes, I'm bragging about my daughter - after all, that's what good parents to, right :))...

Next on the list to learn.... crusing and walking.... I'll keep you all posted!!!

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