Thursday, July 16, 2009

Teeth, Words, and Crawling - Oh My!

Peyton Jo is growing up so fast!!! She is already 10 months and almost 3 weeks! She's now got 4 more teeth that have come in; all 4 on top and all in at the same time! Yikes! She's been a trooper though. She's also saying lots of different words: duck, dada, baby, goat (see story below), bye-bye, bubbles, pop, doggie, Bay-Bay (Bailey - our dog) mama, purple and there's probably more I'm forgetting, but you get the idea. Last Saturday, Jake and I took Peyton Jo to Deanna Rose Childrens Farm and she got to see goats and ducks and cows. She loved it and especially loved all of the other little kids at the park. She started saying goat at the park! So funny - she definitely loves to learn. After that, we went to Portraits Today Studios and got her 300th day pictures taken and of course, she did great and we got lots of good pics... Finally, PJ is starting to scoot and trying to crawl... she still gets frustrated, but she tries really hard... I think it will just be a few weeks and she will be crawling and maybe even cruising. Another cute things is that we got her a small pool that she can splash in - she loves it! Maybe she'll be a swimmer!

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