Monday, July 22, 2013

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Every few months, the power of this quote finds it's way into my life. This weekend, I was fortunate enough to be reminded of how the actions of one person can have such a significant effect in the lives of others and how positive behavior can be contagious.

It all started because of a project I am working on for my classroom. Because this project requires some heavy duty tools, I decided to go to my local Home Depot to make my life a little easier. My goal was to take my purchased milk crate into Home Depot to ask if they could help me to cut the wood for the seat. One of the technicians directed me to the man working the jig saw used for these types of projects. After explaining my project to him, we quickly went to work: measuring, measuring, and cutting (because, unlike my process, he actually did measure twice and cut once).

During this time, we made small talk... he asked me what the project was for... I told him I was making them for my classroom and that I was very thankful that he was able to help me, because I am NOT GOOD at these types of things. He mentioned that he has been working a lot of hours to keep up with the workload (not in a complaining way, but in a thankful way), and that the previous day, he managed to work a 13 hour day. I couldn't help but feel bad for how much he was working and started feeling silly for having him work on my little project...

After the man finished cutting the wood for me, he told me he would carry it up to the front. I was very thankful for the help and while we walked up to the cashier he said, "I've got this one..." I didn't know what he meant at first and so I said, "Ya, I'm so glad you were able to figure this project out for me, thank you so much for your help..." At that point, the cashier was ready for us and he put my cut wood on the counter and told the cashier, "I've go this one..."

At this point, I realized what was going on and I was sort of in shock....

This man that worked 13 hours the previous day and who had already, at this point, had easily worked another 6 hours and probably was going to work another 6 more hours, was paying for my project.

Once I finally put it all together, I stammered: "Thank you so much, but you have been so kind already, I can pay for the wood..." The cashier then turned to him and said, "Well, if you are buying, how about putting some of my materials on your tab too," (jokingly). He then turned to me the cashier and said, "I would if you were a school teacher." She laughed and said, "oh," then turned to him and said "that will be $36.89." I once again told him there was no need to pay and he told me that he just wanted to do it for me. He then pulled out his own money and paid for the wood he cut for me.

I was shocked...

I then reached out my hand to shake his and asked him what his name was. He told me that his name was John and I told him how much I appreciated his act of kindness...he then smiled and walked away.

By this point, I was teary eyed, and simply amazed that someone would do something so kind for me.


Since this weekend, I have told everyone who would listen about this amazing man named John. John at Home Depot. John at Home Depot who spent his own money to pay for a project for a teacher. John at Home Depot who spent his own money to pay for a project for a teacher after working 19 hours in a 30 hour time frame.

Wow....I mean...Wow....

Out of this experience, I have determined that:

 1. There is a lot of goodness in the world.
 2. People do appreciate teachers..
 3. Kindness is contagious...

So my wish for today is for everyone to choose to "be the change."

Be kind... Show graciousness... Help one another... Share the love...

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