Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ahhh Summertime + Go Royals!

For the first time in twelve years, I am enjoying a lovely summer vacation...ahhhhh.....

But wait, let me back it up and get you all caught up on the past 8 weeks...

Here's a quick recap:
  • I finished up my second student teaching placement 
  • I applied for what seemed like a million jobs 
  • I had several interviews 
  • I graduated with my M.Ed 
  • I accepted a 1st grade position at a local district 
  • I have spent the past couple of weeks playing catch up 
And now here we are... I can say without a doubt that I have dearly missed my summer vacations. Not only is it a time to regroup and catch up, it is a great opportunity for me to spend valuable time with my little one, which is one of the great perks of being a teacher... Just knowing that I will get to spend all of my summers with her just makes my heart happy!

Although we have many activities that we love to do in the summer, one of the big things we tend to do is go to at least one Royals game during the summer. I realized last week that I neglected to post the following picture from our outing last summer.
I'm sure many of you who live in my local area share the same Royals sentiment...every year, there is hope that the Royals will be great and have another season like the 1985 season... they win a few great games in the beginning of the year and we all get excited... and then they begin the sad but expected downward spiral to the bottom of the league. So before that happens, I just want to celebrate the fact that the Royals are still doing pretty well in the league and to hang onto the hope of an above .500 season.

Go Royals!!

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