Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day + Kiddo Friendly Projects

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Today, I'm sharing a fun Valentine's Day project that my daughter and I put together for her fellow's a look at what we've been up to...
Making these Valentines has been quick, easy, and a fun way to do arts and crafts to celebrate this fun day! In order to get started, here's a closer look at what you will need... First, you will need butterfly die cuts. Of course, you could cut these out on your own, but I found a pack of 48 pre-cut at Michaels for $2.99. I'm not sure about you, but that's a little price to pay to not have to cut all of these out!

Next, we picked up these fun Valentine's Day pencils in the dollar section at Target - 12 for a $1 :).
Then, you will need googlee eyes and we found these fun different colored ones at Michael's at 48 for $2.99...
Of course, what kid's craft project would be complete without adding fun colored pipe cleaners?!?!
Some lovely foam hearts... I bought a big bag of foam hearts at Hobby Lobby for $5.99 and when you use your 40% off coupon, that's even better!
Other items you will need that are not shown...glue dots, scissors, and a black marker :)

Now for the fun part!!! 
1. Fold the butterfly in half and cut two 1 inch slits in the middle... And if you have a little one helping you, then simply show them how to fold them in half and draw two half inch lines as guides for them to cut. After about five of them, they will have the hang of it and can make the lines and cuts on their own.

2. Next, cut the pipe cleaners into smaller sections and then take two small pieces and adhere them to the back of the butterfly with a glue dot...
3. Next, slide the pencil in through the back of the butterfly... You may want to add a piece of tape to secure the pencil to the butterfly...
4. Add the eyes, smile, and foam stickers and you are all finished... Estimated time of completion for each butterfly is about a minute...
5. Then let your little one sign their name on the back :)
Here's a quick look at all of the butterflies that PJ put together all by herself :)
And here's my box of love bugs :)

In total, we ended up putting together about 75 of these little love bugs - it was a fun project and I LOVED that Peyton was able to put these together all by herself - and the best part was that she LOVED making them AND giving them :).
Have an amazing Valentine's Day, everyone! Hope you have a lot of fun hanging out with all of your "love bugs." :)

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Lora Crow said...

Very neat, Casey. I, too, have put together some Valentine's cards to my kiddos to take to school. I love/need craft therapy!!