Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year Revolution + 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! Unlike most people, I am not really into making New Year resolutions, simply because they don't usually work for me.. Instead, I make birthday resolutions; they tend to be more effective because my birthday is halfway through the year and it gives me a good opportunity to take stock and reflect on how my year is going.

I'm looking at 2013 more as a revolution that will bring some new and exciting changes in my life.

In 2013, I will be:

- completing a student teaching position in the spring
- graduating with a master's degree in education with an elementary certification
- finding a full-time teaching job
- running my photography business
- growing a big garden
- keeping up with my hobbies
- enjoying my evenings at home without class
- looking forward to my first summer off with the little one
- finding time to exercise

I really like the way all of this sounds and even though I will be crazy busy I do want to make a commitment to do something positive for others who are less fortunate. Sooo, in 2013, my family and I have decided to pick a cause (still to be determined) and raise money for it throughout the year. Not only am I hoping that it will help us to share kindness, but I am also hoping that the experience will teach Peyton the value of philanthropy.

I also look forward to doing this as a family and that we will grow a new appreciation for where we are in life. Too often, we get caught up getting things and thinking about what's next, that we forget to step back and ask ourselves what is really important.

So here's to a New Year Revolution and here's to hoping for good things in 2013. I challenge all of you think about what your positive impact will be on the world and to look for ways to spread kindness throughout the year.

One of my favorite quotes is by Mahatma Gandhi: "be the change you wish to see in the world."

Hello 2013!

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