Wednesday, January 30, 2013

December Daily 2012 + Day 9

I know what you are thinking...Why is this crazy person still posting stuff from December?!? But maybe, just maybe, some of you are still working on finishing up your December Daily, so I'm pretty much banking on that... I'm still working through the days and I'm actually caught up through Day 18. However, in an effort to make life simple, I'm deciding to post just one day at a time...

Here is a look at the Day 9 spread...
This day had two main themes - our good friend, Chippy, the elf and Peyton's extraordinary feat of winning a thousand tickets at Dave and Busters... that's right, folks, I said a thousand tickets!
feel free to read about the story here by clicking on the pictures...
Fun times! Stay tuned for more fun, soon!

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