Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Life - Week 3

Hey Everyone! Today, I'm sharing a look at my week 3 of Project life. I know I've said this before, but I'm really loving the colors in the turquoise kit of Becky Higgins project life. Here's a look at the full spread of week 3.
Here's a closer look at the first half of the week. We all got to share Monday off for the Holiday, so we were able to take advantage of the great weather! I also got a chance to check out a new coffee shop...
This week, we also were able to visit our local History Museum with some good friends. Also, I'm in my second to last semester of school before I start my student teaching, so I documented a little about that.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my project life. I'm getting ready to print pictures for week 4 and I'm also excited to because I ordered some fun tags from Elle's Studio, so that will be fun to add in. Hoping to share week 4 in the next couple of days. Have a great rest of your weekend!


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project Life - Week 2

Hello Project Lifers! I'm to share...(drum role please)... Week 2 of Project Life! Yay!...Week 2 was craziness very busy.  After three birthday parties (in 24 hours), several art projects and some beautiful weather, I ended up with a ton of pictures. I typically try to steer clear of being negative on my blog, but I have to tell you, I will never buy an ink cartridge online again - it was a total pain! I ran out of ink in the middle of printing pictures and the cartridge I ordered failed to work - ugh! So, needless to say I was a bit annoyed and really behind in getting week 2 posted... Okay, I'm off my's week 2!

Because we had so much going on and a lot of pictures, I ended up using a couple of different styles of Becky Higgins pages. I added in a 6x12 and also Becky Higgins' style G insert...
I also added in a couple of label tabs to create more definition between the pages. I love how the layering ended up looking and how it created additional depth to the week.
I really love all of the pops of color that were included in the Turquoise Kit. I was hoping to wait for the Clementine Kit, but I'm really happy with my choice to go ahead and get this one!
And a look at the final page... Funny story though... Jake and I were able to get a way for a date night and we went to see the movie Contraband. But this time, we didn't just go to the basic old movies, we upgraded to Cinema Seats. If you've never had a chance to do this, you definitley should add it to the list of things to do. For six dollars more per ticket, they basically set you up in large leather recliners that can be merged into a love seat. They give you access to a full menu and bar and a waiter at your beck and call. The most ridiculous best part of the whole experience was when the waitress handed us a warm little pack and thanked us for coming. When I looked at the pack, I noticed that written on the package was a little slogan that said "a refreshing napkin for your convenience." When I opened it up, I found that it was a hot towel that smelled like lemons... everyone was looking around in what seemed to me to be an attempt to determine what in the world we were supposed to use them for. I saw many people wiping their hands with them and smelling them, but not many people really seemed to know exactly what to do with them... Sadly enough, neither did we and we still don't. :)

I'm so loving this project :)...


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

December Daily 2011 - Days 9 & 10

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! Today, I'm sharing Days 9&10 of my December Daily. I've been working hard on getting this project finished and I really only have 5 more days to complete...with my goal being to finish by the end of the month. I've also been working hard on keeping up with my Project Life book. Tomorrow, I'm going to share week 2 and on Thursday, I will share week 3. Can I just say once again, that I really do love these projects. Peyton has already asked to see the first few weeks in the book about a dozen times and that just makes me super happy!

So for my December Daily, I ended up with a day where not too much excitement was happening and I was still trying to finish up some school work so I decided to have an insert where both Jake and I write her a letter. For me, the letter just explains how much she's changing everyday and how much I love her... I love that one day, she will look through the book and find these little treasures... Here's a look at the page...

For Day 10, I shared a fun little evening out that I shared with the hubby. I sure do love those twinkle lights...

...and some really good pizza!
Thanks for stopping by! I promise tomorrow to be sharing Week 2 of my Project Life!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

December Daily 2011 - Day 8

Happy Thursday, everyone! Just a quick post for today where I'm sharing day 8 of December Daily. I love having the house all decorated for the holidays and since Christmas is one of my favorites, we always decorate to the hilt. Day 8 really just celebrates the decoration of the holiday... Here's a closer look at a shot inside the book...

And the front and back of the layout...
...the journaling...
the pictures...
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek. I'm hoping to share week 2 of Project Life tomorrow... School starts up for me today, so we will see how far I can get!

Also, just a quick PSA... make sure that you hug those close to you today... Life moves so quickly and you should be sure to let those around you know how much you love them every moment you get! Have a great day, everyone!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Fun Friday ~ Crayon Art

Happy Friday, Everyone! Today, I am sharing a fun project that Peyton and I put together a few nights ago. I've seen these projects all over Pinterest, so I decided that we needed to make one for our art room... Here's a quick look at the finished product... Super cute, right?!?

I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, since it's the middle of the winter, we did our project in the basement, so there's not a lot of natural light seeping into the photos. So here's a step by step on how we put this together... It's super easy!

Step 1: Gather the Crayons, Canvas, & Glue Gun
  • Instead of buying a new box of crayons, I decided to raid Peyton's box of slightly used crayons so that we could use doubles of the colors we had. It was fun to go to the crayons with her and talk about her favorite colors. It was also fun to let her decide where in the rainbow we should insert a color...
  • There aren't any rules as to how many colors to actually used, so we just picked what we liked and laid them out in a row...
  • Also, instead of buying a new canvas, I repurposed a canvas that we were using somewhere else. If you don't have one lying around, you can get one pretty cheap at your local hobby store.
  • Finally, we've been using the glue gun a lot lately, so gathering the glue sticks and glue gun were pretty easy, since they were already on my craft table. (Just remember, the glue gun should only be used by an adult - I would NOT recommend letting your little one handle one as it gets SUPER hot on the end)

Step 2: Find the Middle of the Canvas and the Rainbow of Crayons
  • This part is fun, just start in the middle of the canvas and the middle of your rainbow.
  • I just put one dot of hot glue on each end of the backside of the crayon and placed them on the canvas.
  • Yes, you can see I was a little particular about how I placed the label of the crayon on the canvas, but you could definitely just put the crayons more randomly for more of an abstract look.

Step 3: Get your Hairdryer!
  • Now, this is where the fun really begins... 
  • Simply put your hairdryer on high and hold it about 6 inches away from the end of the crayons angled down.
  • After a few minutes, the crayon will begin to melt and you start getting this really cool canvas...
  • Just be sure you put something under your canvas if you are worried about the crayon dripping onto the floor...
Peyton had a fun time watching the crayons melt! Now we just need to go get her some new crayons!
Now we have a wonderful art piece that is hanging in our art room right above her art table. It was a super fun project and we had a great time making it together. So if you are looking for a fun art project to do and one you can use somewhere in the house, you should definitely try this one!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

December Daily 2011 - Day 7

Happy Thursday! Call me crazy, but I'm happy today because we finally received some snow! Yay! We've had a very mild winter with very little precipitation, so I am welcoming this cold and snowy weather - change is good!

Today's quick post is my Day 7 of December Daily...

In this post, I'm documenting the simple moments of our everyday. Here is a closer look at the page with the transparency on top...

I went ahead and pulled out the pages to get a better look at the front and back pages together...
Here is a closer look at the journaling...take a look at the pen, too - we are pretty sure she is going to be a lefty :)...

Thanks for hanging with me as a continue to share my December Daily project. It's so much work, but I always love the finished product! Have a great day everyone! Stop by tomorrow where I will be sharing a Family Fun Friday post where Peyton and I put together a fun art project...


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Life - Week 1

Hey Everyone! Today, I am taking a break from my December Daily posts to share week 1 from my Project Life. If you are unfamiliar with this project and the details of it, you can find all of the information here on Becky Higgins' website.

As many of you know, I LOVE to scrapbook, but with all of the responsibilities and obligations I have each day and with my new photography business, I'm finding it harder and harder to have the time to sit down at my scrap table, pull a picture from over a year ago and pull together all of the products to make a fabulous layout each day. Back in the old days, I would send my 35 mm film to the print shop, pick up my prints and throw them in a photo book and scrap my favorite pictures. But these days, with digital photography, it's just not feasible for me to print every picture that I take. So, this project is perfect for me. It allows me to stay up to date with recording the everyday happenings and I can throw in my favorite pictures and memorabilia from the week. And if I feel like it, I can scrap a page and throw that it in there too. It's turning out to be a great project that provides just the right flow for me, creatively.

So, without further ado, I'm sharing my week one spread for Project is a look at the full week....

Another thing that I love about this project is that I can easily add pictures that I've taken from my Instax Mini - LOVE THAT! Here is a closer look at the first page....feel free to click on the picture to read the journaling.
Here is a closer look at the second page... Another think that I am loving is that I can easily throw in thank you cards and little art projects that Peyton has made. Next week, when I share week two, I will show you guys how I'm saving all of Peyton's wonderful creations that she brings home from pre-school (you can see those projects peeking into the picture below on the right hand side). Becky Higgins has some wonderful products that make it easy to stay organized with documenting the everyday.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Be sure to check back tomorrow where I will be sharing more December Daily. I also have another fun art project that Peyton and I made last night to be shared in the near future. Have a Great Day!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

December Daily 2011 - Day 6

Hey Everyone! I hope that you are having a lovely start to your week! I'm still in the mix of sharing my December Daily and I can't wait for tomorrow, because I'm going to share week one of my Project Life. I'm so excited to be working on this project and will share all of those details with you tomorrow. But for now, I'm sharing Day 6 of my December Daily...

I'm not sure what the weather has been like in your neck of the woods, but in my area, it's been crazy warm. So to have a picture of snow this winter is a bit of an anomaly. So here it is folks, our one big snow :)...

By the way, I realized AFTER I took the picture that two of my letters were missing ... that's really supposed to say LOVE. Darned old chipboard letters!!! I did some fancy gluing last night to keep those in place...
A closer look at the journaling....
Thanks again for stopping by and thanks for your comments - I've been bad about posting comments lately, but I will be sure to stop by and check out my peeps blogs soon :)...Have a great day!


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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December Daily 2011 - Day 5

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have had a great start to the year - how about you? I'm working on finishing up my December Daily and I'm working on my first week of Project Life. I'm super excited about doing this project this year and can't wait to share week one! In the meantime, I will continue to update on my progress of December Daily. So, without further ado, here is a look at Day 5. Feel free to click on the pictures to get a better look at the journaling...

Today's focus was on some indoor painting we did in the storage room... So much fun!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a good rest of your day!

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