Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project Life - Week 2

Hello Project Lifers! I'm to share...(drum role please)... Week 2 of Project Life! Yay!...Week 2 was craziness very busy.  After three birthday parties (in 24 hours), several art projects and some beautiful weather, I ended up with a ton of pictures. I typically try to steer clear of being negative on my blog, but I have to tell you, I will never buy an ink cartridge online again - it was a total pain! I ran out of ink in the middle of printing pictures and the cartridge I ordered failed to work - ugh! So, needless to say I was a bit annoyed and really behind in getting week 2 posted... Okay, I'm off my's week 2!

Because we had so much going on and a lot of pictures, I ended up using a couple of different styles of Becky Higgins pages. I added in a 6x12 and also Becky Higgins' style G insert...
I also added in a couple of label tabs to create more definition between the pages. I love how the layering ended up looking and how it created additional depth to the week.
I really love all of the pops of color that were included in the Turquoise Kit. I was hoping to wait for the Clementine Kit, but I'm really happy with my choice to go ahead and get this one!
And a look at the final page... Funny story though... Jake and I were able to get a way for a date night and we went to see the movie Contraband. But this time, we didn't just go to the basic old movies, we upgraded to Cinema Seats. If you've never had a chance to do this, you definitley should add it to the list of things to do. For six dollars more per ticket, they basically set you up in large leather recliners that can be merged into a love seat. They give you access to a full menu and bar and a waiter at your beck and call. The most ridiculous best part of the whole experience was when the waitress handed us a warm little pack and thanked us for coming. When I looked at the pack, I noticed that written on the package was a little slogan that said "a refreshing napkin for your convenience." When I opened it up, I found that it was a hot towel that smelled like lemons... everyone was looking around in what seemed to me to be an attempt to determine what in the world we were supposed to use them for. I saw many people wiping their hands with them and smelling them, but not many people really seemed to know exactly what to do with them... Sadly enough, neither did we and we still don't. :)

I'm so loving this project :)...


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