Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Beginning to Look (a little) Like Christmas...

Happy Monday, everyone! Things are starting to look a little like Christmas around our house, and well, I LOVE IT! This weekend, we spent a little bit of time making holiday wreaths for our house. PJ helped me put together this fun wreath for the front door.

She also made her own little wreath for her bedroom door - hoping to post pics once we have a wreath hanger for her. She absolutely loved making these and they were super easy! Also, Target has some amazing holiday decorations around here! LOVE this adorable ornament my family brought home for me while I was taking pictures - isn't it cute?!?

I've also been gathering all of my materials for December Daily. This year, I'm trying to recycle some of my gently used holiday supplies. As much as I love buying new supplies, it's fun to try and use up the stuff that I already have. I'm hoping to try and find some time during the next couple of weeks to start hammering out my foundation pages. I plan to share those once I get those finished. I have lots of different ideas rolling through my head on what they should like like, so once I figure that out, I plan to start knocking out those pages.

I "heart" this plate! At a recent trip to the craft center, PJ and I made this plate for Santa's Cookies. She did most of the work, I mostly just helped with stenciling the letters for her and then she traced them. My hope is to reuse it each year and then give it to PJ when she's older and has her own family :). Love that girl!!!

I'm also starting to think about our traditions and when we will start all of the festivities. I'm also spending some time reminding myself of what the holidays are all about and trying not to commit to too much so that I can enjoy my family during this magical time. Because, that's what all of this fun is really about, anyways, right?!?

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and have a lovely holiday week!


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