Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Around here... Words & Reflections

I'm inspired to dive back into the business of documenting life. Recently Ali Edwards posted a prompt to write using "today" or "around here." The following are my words and reflections using the prompt...

Loving the fall air and all of the festivities that the season brings including our local Maple Leaf Festival and Halloween get-togethers.

Enjoying every minute I can spend with my little sweet girl while also learning more about the virtues of patience.

Watching coverage on Hurricane Sandy and feeling thankful to be living in the Midwest.

Listening to True at First Light by Ernest Hemingway in the car on the way to class and feeling inspired to write more.

Jamming out to the new Mumford & Sons, Babel and absolutely loving it!

Celebrating my relationship with my husband as we come closer to our 10 year anniversary and loving him more everyday.

Waiting patiently for the end of the semester to draw near and feeling anxious for my student teaching semester.

Savoring all of the smells and tastes of the season - I can't get enough of those Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes! 

Planning for my upcoming projects including December Daily and getting back into Project Life.

Working towards letting go of those insecurities that tend to bring me down and letting my light shine through.

Looking forward to spending more time creating and all of the joy that the holiday season brings

Thanks for stopping by and look for more from me as I continue to find my way back to my creative self...

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