Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pictures with Santa

We've had a lot of fun this weekend with all of the holiday festivities. Yesterday, we went and had our family pictures taken for our Christmas Card and they turned out really great. I always love the opportunity for us to get dressed up and have pictures that include all three of us - because as many of you know, when you spend the time behind the camera, you don't end up being in a lot of pictures... So that's really special for our family to do at least once a year. And of course, we had some solo shots of PJ - those turned out adorable!

After our visit to get professional pics taken, we ended up stopping on our way home for PJ to meet Santa. This was her first time to meet Santa and I'm hoping we didn't scar her for life - she totally wigged out and started baulling...even though I don't like to see her cry, it was kind of funny - she liked him from afar and for other little kids to stop and see him, but that's were the ball stopped. We did manage to sneak the picture in below... but as you can see, there was NO WAY she was going to be sitting on his lap by herself! Funny stuff! BTW, the Santa was Awesome!!!

Last night, we had Jake's bank Christmas party and that was a lot of fun, we don't get too many opportunities for just the two of us to get out and let loose, but we managed to slip out for a while to have some adult time...At the party, we had a white elephant gift exchange and we ended up scoring a dancing/singing Santa - of course we had PJ in mind when trading for the gift. And of course, she absolutley loves it - she likes to start dancing with Santa when he dances - it's pretty darn cute! Most of our day today, included hanging around the house, dancing with Santa, looking at Christmas lights (Jake luckily figured out what the problem was with the lights on our house - PJ was very happy!), and napping (yay!)...

As for my LO - I've only managed to find the time to complete this one below... These were the pictures that we had taken last year for our Christmas Card - I was inspired to get this page done since we were going to get new ones taken this weekend - I'm really happy with the colors and how it turned out - would love to hear what you think too!

For those of you who were hoping to see pictures from this years shoot, you'll just have to continue to follow my blog - I'm about a year behind in scrapping so by this time next year you will see this weekends pics - LOL! Seriously.. :)

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Sian said...

Very cute page..I love the baubles. Your new Santa picture is very sweet of those ones you'll enjoy in years to come too

Laura @ Cameron Crazy said...

Haha! I am so behind too! Love that page though and your Santa photo is adorable!

Staci said...

LOL, i'm more than a year behind, so you're in good company! ;-) Love that layout - the dangling ornaments look great! and what a cute photo, even if PJ was scared, hehea! she's such a cutie!

Jen Martakis said...

It's a beautiful layout Casey. That's funny about the Santa visit. Babies always cry don't they? lol

I love a good white elephant gift exchange. Fun times!