Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Butterflies, Football, and Pumpkins -- AND STEPS!!!

This month has been pretty fun! It's the start of fall, which is my favorite time of year and with that comes a lot of fun activities. In early September, we went to KU's Monarch Waystation where all of the monarchs stop for a rest on their long journey back to Mexico. We also ventured out to take Peyton to her first KU football game... Anyone with a little one beware - it's way too loud. We didn't even make it through the intro and Peyton Jo was ready to leave... I think in the future, we'll just be watching the Jayhawks on TV in the comfort of our own home! We've also made a trip to the Schaake Pumpkin Farm. We rode the tractor out into the field where we got to take our pumpkins off the vine. Peyton tries to say "pumpkin," but I think she's just as happy calling them "balls." And last, but certainly not least, she took her first steps this last weekend - we tried to capture it on video and the link is above - enjoy and Happy Fall!!!

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