Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

So I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about the origin of Black Friday - thought I would share in case anyone was interested in knowing... I guess typically on this day most companies are in the "red" meaning they haven't turned a profit yet. After the sales of today, typically the company will make enough in sales that they then go into the "black" meaning they are no longer losing money for the year... Anyways... just some random useless knowledge that takes up my brain!

As for general stuff, here are a couple of LO that I have finished. The first one is a LO that I completed for my Yesterday and Today class - I really had a lot of fun putting that one together. The second LO is one of my favorite Christmas memories from last year - I enjoyed putting this one together because it really got me into the Christmas spirit.

Please note that I've made a mistake on the date of the first picture - should be 1987, not 1997... Thanks for catching that one mom!

I also took some fun pictures today while my parents were in town visiting. We had fun spending some time in this great weather we've been having and took a trip down to the park...Here is one of the pics taken down by the bridge - I love this!

And last but certainly not least... I was excited to get my package from 2ps today... here are some of the fun goodies I purchased:

Oh and my parents bought PJ the cutest Roper boots - come back tomorrow and check out the pictures!

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Sian said...

We don't have Black Friday here in the UK..I always think it sounds like an excellent chance for some bargains. Thanks for explaining it!

Lainie said...

I often wondered about "Black Friday" too. Thanks for that tidbit Casey. That photo you took of the stone bridge is just fantastic. What a beautiful spot. You put me to shame girl, you got your pages done, updated your blog and you work full time! We'll have to call you wonder woman soon. LOL. and a p.s. - your wee Peyton is just gorgeous. What a little doll. You have a beautiful family.

Staci said...

thx for stopping by my blog the other day, casey! love your layouts! such a great idea to compare the two time periods in the first one! great goodies you got there, too ;-)