Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Pearly Whites from the Tooth Fairy

And there were two.... Peyton Jo now has two pearly white teeth!!! During the past couple of weeks she has been working on cutting her two middle bottom teeth and this week they have grown enough so that we can see them. She has been such a trooper through the whole process. Here are some of the other new things that she's been up to this month:

-She has figured out that if she stretches out her arm while on her tummy that she can easily roll back onto her back
-She can sit up on her own now (with close supervision, of course), but will get tired in the process, but still relies on us to keep her from tipping over
-She can hold her own bottle now
-She has said dada a few times and mama once :). This past weekend she started making the lalala sound
-She has started to make a kissy noise
-She has learned how fun it is to drop things on the floor and watch mommy and daddy pick them up - yep! She's Arnry!
-She has started to have a little bit of stranger danger and can really discern who her mommy, daddy and other close relatives are
-She is now wearing 12-18 month pants - yes she's long!
-She is really trying to push up on all fours so that she can try to crawl
-She is just so curious about everything around her and you can tell she is just a little sponge trying to take everything in!

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