Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Mover and a Shaker

Every week, we learn something new about our little one. This week, she has become a real mover and a shaker! She's a lot more squirmy when she sits with us and seems much more curious about the world around her. Here are a few of the new things that she's doing this week:

-She's starting to really communicate with us by pointing or staring at things she wants or that she wants to do.
-She really seems to like looking out the window and touching the window. Every morning when we get her ready for the day, the first thing she wants to do is to look out the window.
-She loves to go outside with Daddy to touch the flaky bark of the river burch.
-About a week ago, we noticed that while she was sitting with us and we were drinking from a cup, she would start opening her mouth. So we started working with her to drink out of a sippy cup; she really hasn't gotten the hang of sucking from the top, so she is drinking straight from the cup.
-We've moved to Gerber 2nd foods - loves Orange/Banana Medly - hates Blueberry/Apples - hates Apricot/Mixed Berry Medly - still loves Peas!!!!
-She really lets us know when she likes or dislikes something - sometimes a little dramatic about it - wonder where she gets that :).
-Peyton has always loved books and listening to the stories. This week, she really loves the book, "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you?", and to be honest, I love reading it to her :). She also loves the soft water resistant books. She's really into sucking on things these days, so she seems to really like playing with that.
-Bathtime has really become fun too! She LOVES to splash and just thinks it's so funny. It's also really cute when Jake puts her on her mat in the tub, she has this really funny look on her face, like, "what in the world is going on." Then she realizes that she's in the tub and starts splashing!
-She loves laying on the floor and sucking on her toes :).
-She loves playing the "buzz" game where you tickle her.

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