Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Love :) Casey Wright Photography, Lawrence, KS

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope that you all are having a great week - my life is feeling like a whirlwind right now. I want to thank all of my wonderful friends and customers that have been setting up photo sessions lately. I love working with all of you and your beautiful faces and I've been really fortunate to meet some really great people through this endeavor and I truly love that! Thanks for keeping me so busy!!!

Speaking of beautiful faces...I took my daughter's 4 year old pics recently and I just love how they turned out! Of course it's always a challenge keeping the little ones engaged, but there's something about the excitement of helium filled balloons that seems to help out with that! Here's a look at some of my favorites...
I ended up printing two of these lovelies onto canvas and also created a photo book and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. If you are ever interested in some sweet deals on these two items, I would highly recommend:

Gallery Direct for canvas prints - the price is right and they were very quick with the delivery.

MPix for all of the other printing needs (I should say, I haven't ordered a canvas from them, but have heard they are great with that service, too!)

I hope that you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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