Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Having a Bad Hair Day?

I love this picture of PJ - she was just learning how to brush her hair and she had the cutest look on her face. It just reminded me so much of the face I make in the morning when I just can't get my hair to look right in the morning - you know?

Today was definitely one of those mornings...we woke up late...I was late for work...I was late for class - ugh! I can't complain too much though...I put a few items out at the curb for the trashmen to take - some of those items that you keep around because you think you might use them at some point in the future, but never do and no one buys them at your garage sale, but I'm just too stubborn to throw them out - you know, "that" stuff? :)

Well, the good news is that they took it...Also, I also got some exciting stuff in the mail - don't you love that! And....It was really great to come home and spend a few precious moments with PJ and Jake. So, overall, the day was good - just had to wade threw the sucky stuff to get to the good stuff!

Anyways, enough rambling! Take a look at this project that I finished a while back - It was nice to have a layout with a bunch of journaling - their my favorite layouts!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day everyone!


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Marlene said...

Fabby layout...and I LOVE that trim!!! Used it on a card recently, and it got rave reviews....just as your layout will get! :)

Maggi said...

What an adorable picture! The layout you made for it is awesome, love the trim!

We're clearing out a lot of our stuff too, I know how that is! lol