Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Call me granola, but I really love celebrating Earth Day. It's just a good day to really stop and think about how much we consume as a society and what we can do individually to minimize our individual impact on the environment. I am one of those people that tries to do what I can for the environment - I drive a Prius, I recycle, and overall, I just try to be conscious of what things I buy and what things I reuse.

As a scrapbooker, it's true that if you use traditional supplies and you love that heavy weight of paper you feel a little guilty having the leftovers. What to do? Well, I would encourage you to do what my friend, Katey and I are doing this weekend. We are getting together and using up our scraps to make cards. What's even better is that I am planning to put together reusable cards. All you have to do is make the card and then on the inside add a flap on the inside of the card that works much a like a frame. Then people can insert their own words and signature and then the next person can do the same. It's a great way to recycle and it's fun to pass along to your friends.

Another way to be more environmentally friendly as a scrapper is to try out digital scrapbooking. I actually do both traditional and digital and find that it gives me enough variety to really keep my creative mojo flowing. I know how intimidating it can be in the beginning, but there are tons of free lessons and classes out there that you can take to find your way through the process. So check it out!

On a separate note, my LSS - The Scrapbook Page has asked me to join their design team starting in May. I'm so excited to be part of their team and to get started - I've been doing so much stuff on line, that it will be fun to get more involved with the local talent and to help inspire others. Can't wait to get started!

Have a great Earth Day everyone and I'll see you on the flipside!


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Suzanne said...

Congrats on the design team!!!! How exciting!! Have a great time making cards! I cannot wait to see them! Your blog looks fantastic! I am a little behind in the class, and hope to catch up soon! happy Earth Day!!

Marlene said...

Congrats on the design team!

Today I went grocery shopping...and I actually remembered to take my cloth bags. YAY ME. :)

Barbara said...

Congrats on making the DT! How fun. I also do what I can for the Earth. Using your scraps for cards is perfect. I save mine in a cropper hopper that is designed for photo's but instead I organize all my colors and pp in it instead.

If you have time I would LOVE for you to participate in the Quote It challenge!

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Hi Casey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I had to come check yours out too! Congrats on the DT! How fun!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the design team! I'm in the Bling your Blog class & saw your comment on my site and had to check yours out. Love it!

yyam said...

I started cardmaking last year just so I could use up my scraps...I'm a scrapbooker who makes cards!

Good idea on the reusable card!

Congrats on the LSS design team! It's always nice to connect with like-minded people irl! :)