Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wondering Wednesday - Time Change

Before I get started I wanted to let my peeps know that my friend Pamela is having a weeklong RAK (random act of kindness) going on and she's giving away a ton of great goodies - click here to check it out!

So, today is the second edition of "Wondering Wednesdays." I received such a good response on it last week, that I decided to post another topic that I've been wondering about. Okay so here is the scenario: I've got a kitchen radio that's mounted under the cabinet - cool right? Well, I got it as a gift from my husband so I really didn't spend a lot of time researching the details so I'm learning all about it as we go. It's not a complicated device by any means but there is something quircky about it that I've been wondering about - and I'm hoping that one of you smart gals out there can help me out. Much like all of my other kitchen appliances, it has a digital clock display on the main screen. The one difference between it and my other appliances is the fact that it automatically switched it's own time during the time change. Now I know what you might be thinking - well that's silly it must be hooked up to a satellite or something - but that's just the thing; it's just a normal undermount radio. It's not like my cell phone that requires a management system/carrier to monitor it's activity. So I'm wondering - is there anyone out there that can explain this to me and how it knows to change time? I'm counting on you guys to set me straight here :)!

On a different note, we've been taking advantage of the now beautiful weather - it's so great to get outside and breath some fresh air after such a long winter. Thought I would share some cute pics from our time spent outside. Is that green grass - haven't seen that for a while :)!?


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As far as scrappy sharing is concerned, I'm working on a ton of stuff that I can't share until next week - it's for a guest design spot for one of my favorite designers - can't wait to share. Until then, happy hump day!

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Maggi said...

Hmmmm, not sure why it would change by itself unless there's some sort of Daylight Savings setting on/in the clock maybe?

Cute pics, we're enjoying the sunny days we're getting!

ellen s. said...

oooooh she is sooo cute! i love the outfit, too ;)

can't wait to see your goodies!!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

What sweet, sweet pictures! Not sure how it works but DD and I both have a clock radio that does the same thing. I LOVE it, makes daylight savings time that much easier!

Marlene said...

First - adorable little thing!!!!!

Second - with respect to your clock. There are little tiny gremlins living inside it that change the time for you. Right now, they're really well behaved...but give them a few years, and they start getting bored with the same job - so they start messin' with your head. Yup, one day you will find the time is all off! Damn those gremlins.

Katey said...

love the PJ pics! tell her hello from her favorite katey!

mean mom productions said...

HOw cute of pj!

the clock I'm at a loss.

Laura O'Donnell said...

my husband bought a new clock radio a few years ago and as soon as he plugged it in it set to the correct time. he likes to have his clock set 10 minutes fast and this one wouldn't let him do that. so he returned it!