Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty, Pretty...and a Prius

So, lot of my family and friends and fellow bloggers have been asking me a lot of questions about my Prius and whether or not it's really safe and whether or not I will have to have a tiny piece of metal the size of a quarter installed to repair the accelerator issues (which I still find odd). I've also received a lot of questions about whether I will buy another Prius in the future. Let me just start off by saying... I LOVE the car! I drive around 30 miles per day and get right around 50 miles per gallon. So for me, the idea of saving a ton of money AND saving the environment means a lot. I love being able to fill up my tank, drive all week and spend less than $15.00. That's right folks, $15.00 TOTAL! I've been reassured by Toyota that because my car is a 2008, that they software glitches that the newer models have are non-existant in mine. To this date, I have not experienced any issues with the accellerator or the brakes. I did, however, take heed to the the floormat issue that was originally released and removed it, but other than that we are good to go!

Okay, so now for a LO. I'm really pleased with how this LO turned out.

I used my Tim Holtz Crackle Paint on some chipboard pieces to get the effect listed below. It took a good 3 hours for the paint to dry before the letters were ready to be added to my page.

Here is a shot of the journaling spot I used. It was a sticker on an October Afternoon kit that I got about a million years ago. On all of the black and white pieces I tinted them with the new Shimmerz Spritz color - barn door - I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out...

I also utilized a recent purchase of some really cute Jenni Bowlin Bingo Cards and Calendar Cards. In addition, I used some fun Archivers flowers along the ribbon border and added some buttons that I picked up from a kitchy antique store in my little town!
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As a Prius owner, I am one of those granola types that loves to recycle and re-use whenever possible. That's why I love visiting antique shops and picking up little pieces here in there... That's where I picked up my Smith Corona too... next on the hunting list... some (really) old door keys!

Re-use, and Recycle when possible...Happy Thursday Everyone!

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mean mom productions said...

Its great that your car is not part of the recall. Though, I am so glad I have honda.

Lisa Dorsey said...

Great layout Casey. Those pictures just make me smile. :)

Pamela said...

Love your layout! And glad you aren't having trouble with your car. I totally respect Toyota for the way they are handling all of this. The commercials they have out right now took guts...but they are addressing the problems...not ignoring them! Other companies haven't done that.