Sunday, February 28, 2010

And this is why I scrap....

My daughter already loves looking at the pictures of her, but mostly she loves to look at the pictures of other family members too! Whenever she wants to see grammy or papa, we grab the book and she flips through the pages. Her excitement over wanting to see other family members has encouraged me to add more family members into the LO. She is the guiding force of these scrapbooks, so I figure who else would be best to pick the subjects of some of the LO!

She also loves playing around in the scraproom - I'm hopeful that I have a little scrapper in training! I just can't wait for the day that we can put a little table and chair set in my scraproom so that we can do projects together!

Until then, I'll just settle for letting her play with all of the cut out shapes. They've already proven to be great learning tools. We take all of them out of her bag and talk about shapes and colors! What fun!
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I'm thinking about putting together some flash cards using my supplies... Anyone have any good ideas or links for those types of projects? Either way, I am hoping that I can now justify some of my scrapbooking spending habits as learning tools - at least that's what I'll be telling the hubby!! Haha!

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Tiffany said...

the most rewarding part of scrapbooking is seeing those you're scrapping about enjoying and loving what you've made (especially when it's kids)!!!!

Linda Beeson said...

How cute! I so understand them loving to look back over the photos on the pages and when they are in an album you can hope their little fingers aren't going to ruin anything.

Deanna said...

cute!! good luck in molding her into a scrapbooker! ;)

Laura said...

I love this post! So awesome to see your daughter looking through your scrapbooks! I can't wait till Cam wants to look through ours!