Sunday, January 31, 2010

My KI Loot... Happy Day!

I know each week I usually start off my blog each week with how much I love the weekend, but folks - I really do love the weekend! We just had a nice relaxing and fun couple of days. Nothing too exciting to note, but just wanted to share once again how wonderful time off can be! Also, want to thank the Grandma's for chipping in and watching little PJ while the bbsitter is off - you guys are the best... :)
Okay, back on topic:
Here is a pic of the all of the fun stuff that I received as part of the 2ps CHA online chat - I would like to thank 2ps as well as KI Memories for all of the cool stuff. They sent me the entire Friendship line and I LOVE it! Below is a picture of all of the goodies... can't wait to get started on using it :)
As for LO - here is a fun one that I just finished up over the weekend:

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Katey said...

super cute! love the cherry paper!

wholarmor said...

Cute layout! Love the KI stuff! Lucky duck!

mean mom productions said...

super cute. come see what I posted on my blog

Lisa Carroll said...

Too cute. Love how you staggered your title. Congrats on winning!