Saturday, November 7, 2009

Somerset Ridge Winery

November does not typically bring the best weather... but when you live in Kansas anything is possible! This last Saturday, my family met up with my parents and we spent the afternoon at the Somerset Winery in Louisburg. We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day on the weekend. After the Somerset, we all went and ate at this cool restaurant in the heart of Louisburg-they had fantastic wraps! We watched the KU/KSTATE football game and then headed over to Gardner to watch Caitlin play basketball, where I established that I'm shorter than most 7th grade girls. Okay, maybe just shorter than the 7th grade girls who play basketball in their school district :). Fun times!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sweetheart, this is wonderful. You do such good work. I enjoy reading your journals. Good luck on this new adventure. You look like you are enjoying every bit of it. Love Peytons picture

Casey Wright said...

Thanks mom!