Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ali Edwards Class

It's official! I'm a real scrapbooker! I signed up and paid for a class for scrapbooking online. I got started on week one last night. Katey really got me hooked on Ali and her style of scrapbooking so I'm really excited to start on my pages. The first week is really just more of an initiation into the program and setting the foundation for the class. I watched the video - which was really inspirational and got started on my brainstorming. The theme of the class is 'yesterday and today' and I'm hoping to use a lot of the pictures from my childhood that my mom gave to me... I've really been looking for a reason to get those into a scrapbook. It will just be weird to put the focus back on me since everypage that I've done since Peyton was born has been focused on her. I really just want her to be able to know the person I am now and scrapbooking will help me tell that story! :)

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